The Symbolism of Family Birth Flower Tattoos


Birth flower tattoos are more than ink on the skin; they carry a profound symbolism, and when intertwined with the concept of family, they become a living canvas of cherished connections. Have you ever wondered about the stories embedded in the petals of these floral designs? Let’s delve into the rich tapestry of meanings behind family birth flower tattoos.

Understanding Birth Flowers

Birth flowers, those blooming representatives of each month, hold their own language. From the passionate Rose of June to the resilient Marigold of October, these botanical emblems carry messages that transcend their aesthetic appeal. Imagine your family’s story told through the vibrant language of flowers, each petal narrating a different chapter.

symbolism of family birth flower tattoos

Symbolism of Family

Before we explore birth flowers, let’s reflect on the essence of family in tattoos. Families are like gardens – diverse, interconnected, and thriving through seasons of joy and challenge. Tattoos, with their permanence, mirror this resilience. A family-themed tattoo is a testament to shared roots and growth, a visual celebration of the ties that bind.

“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox.

Birth Flower Symbolism

Let’s journey through the months, uncovering the nuanced symbolism of each birth flower. From the January Carnation symbolizing love and fascination to the December Poinsettia representing success, each flower adds a layer to the familial narrative.

Birth Flower Symbolism Table

Month Birth Flower Symbolism
January Carnation Love, fascination
February Violet Loyalty, devotion
March Daffodil New beginnings, rebirth
April Daisy Purity, innocence
May Lily of the Valley Happiness, humility
June Rose Love, passion
July Larkspur Positivity, dignity
August Gladiolus Strength, integrity
September Aster Wisdom, love
October Marigold Good fortune, prosperity
November Chrysanthemum Loyalty, friendship
December Poinsettia Success, celebration

Now, picture a tattoo featuring these blooms, weaving a unique narrative for each family member.

Integration into Family-Themed Tattoos

Personalized Petal Placement

Consider the placement of each flower carefully. The shoulder might cradle a bouquet of family blooms, while the wrist could showcase individual birth flowers. The back? A sprawling garden connecting generations.

Adding Elements for Personalization

Why stop at flowers? Integrate initials, family crests, or even birthdates into the design. Each detail becomes a brushstroke, contributing to a masterpiece uniquely yours.

Real-life Examples

Meet Sarah, whose tattoo intertwines the birth flowers of her three children. The Lily of the Valley for her daughter, the Gladiolus for her son – a living tribute etched on her forearm. Every time she looks at it, she sees flowers and a story unfolding.

Tips for Choosing and Designing

Considerations for Birth Flowers

Think beyond aesthetics. What traits resonate with each family member? Choose flowers that encapsulate their essence, creating a tapestry of shared characteristics.

Collaborating with a Tattoo Artist

Your tattoo artist is a storyteller with ink. Engage in a dialogue; share your vision. A skilled artist will bring your family’s narrative to life, ensuring each bloom speaks volumes.

“Art is the most beautiful of all lies.” – Claude Debussy.


As you embark on this tattoo journey, remember – it’s not just ink; it’s a living canvas of your family’s story. From the delicate Carnation to the vibrant Poinsettia, let the symbolism of birth flowers breathe life into your familial tapestry. In each petal, find echoes of love, strength, and shared moments – a timeless expression of the beauty that blossoms within the garden of family.


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